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Beating the casinos at their own game? Ė It wonít happen

Gambling is fun and provided you donít take it to an extreme, it is indeed a safe and enjoyable activity. Should it be seen as a legit way of making money? No. Should you be concocting schemes to beat the casino at its own game? Well, you can actually do that, but itíll be about as useful as rubbing a peg-leg to better blood circulation.

The fundamental truth about casino gambling is that the casino always wins in the long-run. Does that mean youíll never make any money playing? No. You can get lucky and land a huge jackpot, then fade into the sunset with the goods: itís all in the package. Whether you do that or not though, the casino will log a win at the end of it all, off the other players, off you if you return, off anybody who crosses the threshold of the establishment Ė live or online.

Iím not going to go on about the house edge here. Iím pretty certain you know all about it and youíre sick of reading about it in every one of these shill gambling articles that you find all over the internet.

The house edge is not your biggest worry, rather, the biggest threat to your bankroll is something that the house edge is responsible for: the house drop. While house edges on games can generally be as low as 1-5%, the house drop on these very same games is situated at around 30%.

The house edge is simply a mathematical artifice which only expresses the casinoís advantage on a single bet. Since most players place way more wagers than that, they come face to face with the not-so-often advertised house drop.

I could mathematically illustrate for you how the house drop works, but I feel that would be outside the scope of this article. Basically I just brought it up to show you that getting all fired up reading the nonsense that some sites spread about beating the casino is quite pointless.

Does that mean thereís nothing you can do to better your chances? Of course it doesnít. Land based casinos have a whole bunch of tricks up their sleeves to break the concentration of would be customers and thus to make them lose more than they normally would.

Donít drink any alcohol. The casino is usually keen on making alcoholic beverages readily available to its customers. The reason is that when under the influence, players obviously lose focus.

Casinos donít usually have windows. The lighting inside is meant to make people lose track of time. There are no clocks either nor is the time displayed anywhere in any shape or form.

By signing up to an online casino instead, you can avoid all these clever tricks that the live gambling industry so generously throws at you. Online gambling has its potential pitfalls too: it is highly accessible and it too has its own tricks to keep players playing for as long as possible. At the end of the day though, when you gamble online itís really up to you how long you keep going and how much money you wager, nothing compels you physically to do anything.

On top of a bunch of other advantages, online casinos offer their players no deposit sign-up bonuses and generous comp point schemes. Comp points are like rakebackdeals in online poker: they give you a reward on the money you spend in the casino.

While land based casinos give you such rewards too, online gambling operations can afford to be much more generous on account of their reduced maintenance and operating costs.


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