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Keg of Rum Slots

The Keg of Rum slot features a pirate theme and consists of 3 reels and 1 payline.  It is an extremely popular slot amongst both beginners and seasoned players who like simplicity.

The game features a variety of coin denominations, which allow beginners to play the game without any risk.  For the high rollers, the maximum bet is $15.  There are two different screen views that players can choose from.  One shows the game up close, which allows players to focus on the essentials only, while the other one is a more complete, with a slightly more distant view of the slot machine.

The icons and combinations are simple and easy to understand.  In addidtion to the classic Cherry and BAR icons, there is also a bottle of rum that pops up here and there on the reels.  The Keg of Rum slot game does not have any Wild or Scatter icons, which means that players will not be able to trigger a Bonus or a Free Spins round, but players can still win huge rewards in this game.

The Jackpot payout in this slot game is an impressive 5,000 coins which at the maximum coin value of $5, could make a lucky player $25k richer.  This alone tells players that it is logical to play the maximum denomination in order to stand a good chance of hitting this huge Jackpot.
Keg of Rum in a nutshell is a simple game with no fancy side games, and Free Spins, but it does deliver big Jackpots.

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Keg of Rum Slot Review