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Monopoly Slots

Even though there are so many online slots available, among the most popular are the Monopoly slots. They are one of the most played and best known. WMS Gaming designs Monopoly slots and has done a great job at developing and designing unique Monopoly slots. To name a few of the Monopoly slots available: Movers & Shakers slots, Once Around slots, Advance to Boardwalk slots and Chairman of the Board slots.

Monopoly slots can be mistaken for Monopoly the board game. Both games are very different to each other , even though Monopoly slots are inspired by the popular board game. With 133 variations of online slots, 19 of them are different games. Monopoly slots edges out fan favourites like The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune in the popularity department. That's how big it has become. And, come to think of it, The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune online slots came much earlier than Monopoly slots.

The Parker Brothers developed Monopoly the board game. It spawned many different versions from the Star Wars edition to the more popular regular edition. Who would’ve thought that it would also spawn an online slot machine? Many people find themselves playing Monopoly slots because they are familiar with the board game. It is because of its memorable appeal that people select to play Monopoly slots.

The strategy for playing Monopoly slots is easy. You need to bet only money you can afford to lose. Given that Monopoly slots are inspired by the board game, expect to take numerous risks. Another strategy of veteran players of Monopoly slots is to get really lucky. Now that is also true of every other online slot game, but with Monopoly slots, you can get lucky by playing with skills and confidence.


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Monopoly Slots